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headteacher at wootton primary school
We asked the children "what does a headteacher do?"  Here are some of their responses:

"Our headteacher helps the children. He plans what they are learning in a term and tells the teachers what to do."  

"Our headteacher is important because he keeps the children safe" 

"The headteacher makes sure the children are being good."  

"The headteacher encourages the children to do the best they can." 

"We have a very good headteacher because he helps people with their learning."  

our team

Our school staff team are here for the children, whether directly involved in children's learning, working on administration or looking after the premises. 

We are a dedicated and hard working group, led by Mr Nairn, with support from our deputy headteacher Mr Crilly. 

Your child's class teacher is your first port of call for any query or concern and are often available at the end of the school informally.  Alternatively you can always make an appointment for longer discussions.

Each age group is led by a senior leader - either Mr Crilly or Mrs Atkinson.  The leadership team are always available at the beginning and end of the school day.

You can call in to see a member of the friendly office team who will help you with any query you may have. 



Images courtesy of Pret-a-Portrait Limited