Local governing body members are registered / listed on the following Government website.

The Governors of Wootton Primary School are a committed team who make a positive contribution to all aspects of our children’s education and development.

The role of the Governing Body is fundamental to the effectiveness of a school, including strategic leadership, management and accountability.

We are responsible for managing the school’s finances, ensuring that the premises are maintained and in good repair and we work with the headteacher and senior leadership team to make challenging decisions regarding balancing the schools resources.

All of the work that we do is with the aim of making Wootton Primary School the best school we can be!

To contact Mr Stephen Breen – Chair of Governors, please forward correspondence to the school office addressed to the clerk to the local governing body, or email

Our Local Governing Body (LGB) is made up as follows:

  • Dr Jamie Clarke (Trustee Tove Learning Trust)
  • Mr Jamie Nairn Headteacher (Ex officio)
  • Mr Robert Crilly Headteacher (Ex officio)
  • Mr Stephen Breen Chair of Governors (Appointed by the Trust)-1.10.20- 1.10.24
  • Mr Elliott Hodson (Staff Governor)- 14.3.19 – 14.3.23
  • Mrs Karen Atkins (Co opted by the LGB) 1.10.20 – 1.10.24
  • Mrs Sarah Matthews (Co opted by the LGB) 1.10.20 – 1.10.24
  • Mr Jamie Hartnett (Parent Governor) 15.4.21 – 14.4.25
  • Emma Cardona (Parent Governor) 14.3.23 – 13.4.27

Details about our Governors and Terms of Reference, attendance records of Governors at sub-committee and full governing body meetings can be downloaded below. 

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