The decision to have a school uniform has been agreed by Governors. Children wear their uniform with pride and look very smart. School colours are red and grey.

Governors have made the decision to have a school uniform and we expect all children to follow our uniform rules.

Click to download a copy of our Uniform Rules where you will find details of our uniform requirements and how you can order uniform with the school logo.

Orders can be placed directly with the supplier, please click on the link below.

  • Jules At Home Uniform Shop

Sun Safety

For safety reasons, during the summer we ask that children wear a sun hat or baseball cap. We advise that children should be protected by sun cream, applied at home, or sent with the children so that they can apply it themselves. We will keep children inside should they not be adequately protected from the sun.


Following LA guidelines for the health and safety of all children, jewellery is strictly forbidden in all P.E. lessons. Children are also not allowed jewellery in school for their own safety, and that of others. If you are considering having your child’s ears pierced, please do so at the beginning of the summer holiday so that earrings/studs can be left at home during term time. We cannot accept responsibility for the loss of any items of jewellery, should they be worn to school.