The decision to have a school uniform has been agreed by Governors. Children wear their uniform with pride and look very smart. School colours are red and grey.

Click to download a copy of our Uniform Policy where you will find details of our uniform requirements and how you can order uniform with the school logo.

Branded uniform is available to buy from our supplier, Jules at Home, either online or at their shop in Roade.

These items are marked with an * in the table below. We understand there is a cost difference between branded and non-branded uniform. Therefore, if you would prefer to purchase non-branded uniform, please make sure the items follow the information below.

Our required school uniform

PE Uniform : Can be worn all day on the designated PE days.

Footwear and other items.

With the PE hoodies – these can only be worn on the designated PE days. They cannot be worn on any other day.


Children should have their ears pierced at the beginning of the summer holiday to allow for their ears to heal properly, and so that earrings can be removed.

Children should not wear earrings for PE lessons. No other jewellery, other than watches, should be worn by the children.

Jules at Home

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