History Intent Statement

Our bespoke, engaging history curriculum helps to explain the world as it is by exploring the world as it was. Through this knowledge-rich, dynamic curriculum, our children develop their sense of self as well as a broader understanding of the world in which they live in today.

Children follow the story of our nation and develop an understanding of how the threads of history have woven together to form our present, thereby enabling them to make informed decisions about our future. Our diverse curriculum broadens pupil’s views of the world, giving them the opportunity to explore societies and cultures different to our own. Widening children’s perceptions and helping them to understand how Britain’s modern day life has been influenced by the wider world. We strive to inspire children’s curiosity about the past, building their knowledge and skills through lesson enquiries, discussions, special events, trips and visits. By developing critical thinking skills and encouraging inquisitive minds, pupils gain the skills they need to feed their own curiosities.

Our vision is that children are infused with a knowledge of historical facts, a clear sense of chronology and use ambitious vocabulary when demonstrating their understanding of the past. Through the teaching of History, we endeavour to teach children to make links and understand complex concepts such as cause and consequences. Pupils also learn that history is opinions, viewpoints and motives interwoven, and enjoy deciphering historical ‘fact’, by exploring a variety of sources.

By undertaking historical enquiries into different eras, all pupils at Wootton Primary School will leave our school with a wonderful overview of how Britain has changed from the Stone Age to now. Furthermore, they will also have a rich understanding of wider world history and how it differed in other countries/ civilisations e.g. the Benin Kingdom, the Shang Dynasty, Ancient Greeks and the Maya.

“We are not makers of history. We are made by history.” Martin Luther King Jn
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