Wellbeing at Wootton Primary School

We place wellbeing at the heart of everything that we do. Whether it is the wellbeing of the children who attend our school, their families and our staff, they are all equally important.

With high levels of wellbeing, we can all be successful. Wellbeing isn’t one thing – it is a complex interrelated set of emotions as well as physical health and social health. Wellbeing can be influenced by so many different factors, and at some points in our life we will all experience periods of low wellbeing. Whilst we cannot have the answers to every aspect of wellbeing, hopefully, this section of the school website will enable you to find support, help and guidance if you need it. Please check back regularly as we will aim to update this section regularly.

As always if you have any questions or concerns about your own wellbeing or that of your child, please contact somebody in school who may be able to help and sign post you to further support.

Wellbeing Calendar

Over the course of the school year, we support our children by raising their awareness of issues that affect them. We have shared with you the work we do on wellbeing in this calendar below. We have also included links to each activity so that if you wish to learn more about them at home, you can do so.

Wellbeing Links and Further Help

Here are some links to where you can get further help and advice should you need it. If there is something that you need, but it is not listed below, please let us know.

Support For Children

Help and advice on life, friendships and feelings


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