School Vision - Values and Ethos

Our aim is for all of us to be the best that we can possibly be!

At Wootton, all children will develop their sense of self, develop their sense of others, and develop their sense of the world. They will be curious, creative and courageous. Children will use challenges to thrive and become even better versions of themselves.

We prioritise Values, putting Respect at the core, alongside our ethos of Be the Best You Can Be.

We teach children to respect themselves by being honest, showing courage and being ambitious; we teach children to respect their peers, caring for each other, learning cooperatively and developing friendships; and finally we teach children to respect their environment, by being responsible active global citizens. We insist that they give the best version of themself in all that they do.

“Such an impressive school and team.  I cannot thank you enough for all you’ve managed to do for our children” School Parent, 2021

Your child is an individual, and will have talents and needs unique to them.  At Wootton we pride ourselves on ensuring that your child will be celebrated and supported to achieve great outcomes in every aspect of their education. This means that we have a strong commitment to ensuring that they make excellent progress academically, socially and emotionally.

We ensure that your child will receive a broad and balanced education, focusing on their personal and social development as much as their reading, writing and maths. We have developed a music specialism that complements the commitment to the performing arts and our high achievements in all aspects of sport and physical education.

We place great emphasis on the partnership between home and school; it is by working together that we can achieve the best for your child.

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